White Ox Logger Gloves for heavy duty use

Monday, March 15, 2021
white ox protection gloves for wood

Genuine White Ox gloves for logging and heavy-duty work

I saw this picture on Reddit and I just knew we had to cover it on The Tool Yard.

The original poster of the photo said:
"Firewood cutting on Tuesday. I felt a tug on my glove while loading a 6" white pine log in my truck. It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed this hole. You can imagine what my finger would’ve looked like, had I been barehanded. It’s not easy to rip open a White Ox logger’s glove."

review white ox glove
Seeing as this glove did its job and protected the dude's hand while loading pine after cutting wood, I thought we should check this glove out. 

And it turns out, this is the kind of gauntlet style glove that serious working men and women use for carrying work, rigging, welding and all kinds of duties like equipment handling and have been made for 70 years by North Star. 

Let's be clear, the White Ox Glove is a top of the line glove that one uses every day when the construction or farming job demands a safe pair of hands. 

North Star's gloves have become the name brand that people turn to for protecting their fingers on the basis these gloves do the job you want them to do. Like when welding, gotta keep those sparks at bay!

Usually sold in bulk by the dozen, because all gloves eventually do wear out when used by hard-working people.

Here's the design description:

  • 100% cotton; fourchette pattern (the most comfortable of glove patterns)
  • Double-ply quilted palm equates to construction from canvas of 22-ounce thickness
  • 10 oz. canvas smooth back; knit wrist. 
  • Fuzzy nap both inside and outside. 
  • Reconfigured index finger seam gives the same protection as wrap-around construction.
  • Fast red dye for printing does not bleed. 
  • Gauntlet style
  • Near leather hand safety for the price of canvas!
  • Have elastic banding
welding gloves best
The gauntlet is ideal for use when welding

Don't let the hype sway you, check out these genuine reviews from actual users on Amazon:

"Boxy at first. I’ve found that it helps to get them wet and wear them until they’re dry to speed up the break in period. Once they shrink, they are a truly custom fit. Easy off and on. Tough gloves. Very glad I discovered these. Much cheaper and way better than the work gloves I was wearing."

"These gloves are tough, well fitting, comfortable, and with double layer construction they provide some good thermal insulation also."

"Favorite gloves for logging and sawmilling."

"I'm a rig lizard, these are great".

"Exactly what I expected. Good quality, cheap work gloves best suited for hard use and if you end up getting them saturated in bar oil / sap / gas / nasty stuff, you can toss them because they aren't that expensive and you have 11 other pairs in the truck."

"More expensive up front, but more comfortable and far outlasts other cotton gloves."

"All good quality gloves are expensive, however I have used this brand for over 50 years and I still prefer them to all others. I choose this site as it provided the best price. I expect that at my age, this bulk price quantity will out last me."

If those reviews do sway you, check out the price on Amazon!

Hand sizing is across the board so you be able to find a pair that fits. If you don't have access to Amazon and you're feeling blue about that, you can always try Lowes or Home Depot.

Why are White Ox gloves made of cotton?

You were thinking if you want the best welding gloves or heat resistant gloves, they wouldn't be made of cotton right?

It almost seems counter-intuitive as cotton can burn as fast as paper can under the right conditions.

The reason these gloves are made of 100 per cent cotton is that synthetic gloves will tend to melt under heavy heat conditions. Given cotton actually has relatively good thermal properties, they do the job that's required.

There are other more durable gloves that can handle the heat on welding jobs and the like, however cotton gloves also provide the dexterity that many users need.
Chainsaw Gloves

There are plenty of gloves that offer more safety protection if you have a big chainsawing job at play. While you sure can use White Ox, gloves like Husqvarna's saw protection gloves are ideal if you are a regular user of a chainsaw. Once you've done your cutting, switch them out with your White Ox for easier grip and throwing!
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