Review: Cowryman Router Plane Handheld Woodworking Tool

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

 Cowryman Router Plane Handheld Woodworking Tool

Need to cut a handy dado joint? 

Making a door?

Can quote every Darth Vader line in Star Wars?  

The Cowryman handheld plane will see you right. Built of stainless steel, its .31 inch iron will help you get your wood groove on in no time.

The blade is easily adjustable with the screw meaning you can craft joints till the cows come home.

Cowryman Router Planes are a necessity for any work that requires precise depth cuts, such as tenons, mortises, door locks, hinge gains, inlay, or for any work that requires an area cut to a precise depth.

Cowryman Router Planes have a vertical square blade. It's easy to sharpen the blade with a standard knife sharpener.

REview owryman Router Plane Handheld door making Tool

This is a mid-range product, built with enough quality in mind that the average DIY woodworker will get some real benefit from this product.

But why take our word for how good this product is when you can check out these massively positive reviews from actual buyers who have used this plane on their projects.

"Out of the box, the plane was sharp enough to use, but as with all new tools I wanted to sharpen it myself before trying it properly. 5 minutes on a 1000 grit diamond whetstone was enough to remove the machining marks on the bevel. The back of the blade was flat enough to use straight away, but I spent another 2 minutes to improve it slightly on the diamonds. Another few minutes with a leather strop and it was razor sharp and ready for use. The blade is thick (8mm square) with only a primary bevel which makes it easy to register on a sharpening stone.

The sole of the plane is stainless steel of a decent thickness, so there is no flex in the plane whatsoever. The sole isn't perfectly flat, but it's close. A few minutes on some 150 grit abrasive paper should get it perfectly flat, but I haven't found the need to do that yet.

The adjustment mechanism is incredibly simple to use, and with a little practice, it's easy to perform very fine adjustments in seconds. It comes as standard with a wing-nut to tighten the blade, but also includes a larger locking screw which is a huge improvement and makes it very easy to lock the blade in place firmly.

This is a small plane, which is ideally suited for leveling small rebates, dados and tenons. I'd trust it with tenons & rebates up to 18mm (3/4 inch) wide, but it will probably get a little unstable after that. There is, however, enough space in the sole to drill two small holes and fit a wooden sole to improve stability somewhat.

All considered, I really enjoy using this plane and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone."

That's a pretty positive review but wait we've got another!

"Great tool. I don't have the money for a full sized Veritas and with the cost of used router planes being driven out of control by collectors, retrofiles, resellers, sometimes pro woodworkers and sadly hipsters who nail them to a wall and never use them, this was a great find. It's a simple enough design to modify with a wood sole or low profile handles but very solid overall."

The blade is sharp out of the box and easy to resharpen.

It cuts very well and is very comfortable to use 'as is'. The blade adjustment thread and dial operate smoothly and the lock screw and additional larger lock lever both hold well and appear to have solid threading throughout. Anyone who can work metal should be able to make new blades, or you can buy different sizes made for this tool at a pretty reasonable price.

It's way better than I expected for the money and doesn't need anything out of the box to work well. It's a good small size, but it is not big like the Stanley 71. If you expect a smaller tool I think you will be happy."

"The blade was sharp right out of the box, didn't need to tune it (smooth out and level the bottom plate). Works excellent. I don't have dado blades on my table saw (nor do I own a band saw), so most times I make multiple pass on the table saw to remove waste wood when making lap joints and dovetails.

Which works but it's not completely smooth, so that leaves chiseling and or sanding to smooth out the grooves. *note I do own a large router, but I keep it firmly attached to it's routing table and I hate taking it out to use it for a few minutes and then have to put it back in* This manual plane does the job quite nicely. Really happy with this purchase. Great work guys."

Here's an excellent instructional video that shows how to expertly use this handy tool:


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