Idiot getting saved by his own idiocy

Friday, August 16, 2019

Check out this video of gentlemen trying to use a chainsaw in a confined space whilst at the top of a ladder.

It's an obvious recipe for disaster which is what just about nearly happened.

This user managed to cause a kick back action because of where he placed the chainsaw blade. By using the bar's tip end, it caught on the wood which immediately caused a kick back action.

Normally, this would have meant a good chance the bar would have cut into the face of the user and done some considerable damage.

The user, however, was saved by his own idiocy and the bar hit the ceiling rather than their face. 

He knew it too and we hope he learned his lessons such as never cut above your waist & never use the tip stupidly, hold the chainsaw firmly and for goodness sake, wear safety gear like a helmet and chainsaw gloves!
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