How to replace string on a grass trimmer

Tuesday, March 1, 2022
replace string on a grass cutter

How to easily replace the plastic string on an electric grass trimmer

When they are fully charged and in tip-top condition, weed and grass trimmers can be the best tools to clean up the garden.

Until the string breaks!

It's not really a string, it's a 'plastic monofilament' which cuts the grass instead of a metal blade such as on a lawnmower.

Strings don't need to be sharped, they just need to stay in place, however, given they smash round and around into grass and weeds and concrete and wooden fences and rocks, the string does snap off and does need to be replaced.

As the line wears from use or breaks off, the trimmer user knocks the reel on the ground so a release mechanism allows some of the line in the reel to replace the spent part.

Newer model weed cutters can also feature an "auto-feed", where a small cutter ensures the exposed length does not exceed what can be swung efficiently.

When this line runs out, the line needs to be replaced

String replacement can be really tricky, especially if the weed whacker is used only occasionally! You can buy edge trimmer replacement string from places like Home Depot or order online from Amazon.

Here's how to replace the string on an electric weed-eater

  1. Unplug the trimmer or remove its battery pack so there is no power and no chance of the unit accidentally starting while you're replacing the string.
  2. Hold the trimmer upside-down to access the 'string spool'. Remove the spool cover by pressing in on the two tabs holding it in place. If there's any issue, consult your manual.
  3. Remove the spool from the trimmer by sliding the spool off its spindle.
  4. Now you have two options. The first is to slide the replacement spool back onto the trimmer spindle. The second option is to re-fill your existing spool by inserting one end of a piece of replacement trimmer line into the spool's anchor hole and winding the line around it clockwise. The replacement line should be of the same length and thickness as the line that was originally on the spoon.
  5. Now feed the free end of the trimmer line through the exit hole opening which is located on the spool-housing hub. This next bit can be fiddly so some patience is required. Align the notch in the spool with the exit hole to make sure the spool is correctly orientated.
  6. Push the freshly loaded spool into place. When it clicks, this indicates that it is secured in place. If your trimmer features a spool cover, now put it back on and press it into place.
The cordless battery powered Ryobi trimmer is one of the best edge trimmers on the market. Lightweight and easy to use, Ryobi string is also very easy to replace.

Other popular weed eater devices include the Greenworks range (of which we have recommended their battery-powered lawnmower ) and the stock standard but dependable Dewalt line of edge trimmer

How to do edging with a weed trimmer

Grass lawn edges can be really bothersome if you don't maintain them regularly - sure you can cut them out with a knife or edge clippers but you can use your line trimmer quite easily.  Simply angle the cutter so that it is in line with the path edge you want to trim. You'll need to invert the unit 90 odd degrees. 

Turn your trimmer on and slowly lower it down to the lawn - try not to place the string too firmly on the concrete path as this can cause immediate wear on the string and damage it. It's the kind of thing you'll get a feel for.

Once you done all the yard work, perhaps it's time to learn how to home brew beer!
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