Top Ten Tools for preppers wanting to survive the Apocalypse

Tuesday, January 31, 2023
In the video game "The Last of Us", the world at large has been devastated by a fungal pandemic, making it essential for survivors to have a variety of tools to help them navigate the harsh and dangerous environment.

Here are 10 of the most important tools that a doomsday prepper or survivalist should have ready for the apocalypse or an alien xenomorph attack on your manhood:
  1. High-Quality Knife: A knife is a versatile tool that can be used for self-defense, cutting through obstacles, and preparing food. Ellie used to get quite stabby stabby so we know these are quite useful for the determined doomsdayer.
  2. Multi-Tool: A multi-tool offers access to multiple tools in one compact package, useful for repairs and other tasks. Joel made use of a multi-tool during their journey.
  3. Firestarter: Fire is a crucial source of light, warmth, and a means of cooking food. Joel and Ellie relied on firestarters to start fires. If only they could warm Joel's heart...
  4. Water Filter: Clean water is essential for survival and a water filter helps purify it from various sources so that you don't get sick from fungus or whatever
  5. A First Aid Kit: Injuries are common in a post-apocalyptic world and having a comprehensive first aid kit is crucial.
  6. Backpack: A sturdy and spacious backpack is important for carrying supplies, food, and water.
  7. A rope can be used for a variety of purposes, including setting up shelter, climbing, and carrying supplies. Holding back your pet well-enowed zombie girl maybe.
  8. A compass and map are important for navigation and can help a person avoid danger and find their way. Presumable GPS no longer works so a bit of Scout Skills would be handy
  9. Flashlight: A torch provides light in the dark, which can be important for navigation, searching for resources, and self-defense. Have some back up batteries at the ready.
  10. A personal defence weapon, such as a firearm or a blunt weapon, can be critical for self-defense against threats in a post-apocalyptic world. We prefer to use a base ball batt with some screws and nails tagged into the end.

These five tools are essential for survival in the harsh and unpredictable environment of a post-apocalyptic world, as seen in "The Last of Us." Having these tools ready and accessible can give a prepper or survivalist a better chance of surviving and thriving in uncertain times.
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