How to safely cut blackberrry with a chainsaw

Thursday, October 24, 2019
cutting blackberry growth with a chainsaw

How to safely use a chainsaw to cut back blackberry growth

Unless you're Peter Rabbit, we suggest you actually stay away from using a chainsaw to cut back a wild or over grown blackberry bush.

Maybe call in a professional. 

Maybe you just want to get the job done. 

Maybe you need to remove it so you can get closer to a tree to cut in down.

And if so, here's some guidance on how to do it safely. It's pretty much a common sense guide to using a chainsaw but a refresher on the basics never hurt anyone, especially if it reduces the chance of a kickback into the face eh?

When cutting blackberry or similar undergrowth:

  • use the correct grip on your chainsaw. Place your left hand on the front handle and ensure the handle is gripped between thumb and finger, with your thumb under the handle.  Your right hand should grip the rear handle, with your index finger on the throttle trigger. 
  • make sure you are wearing proper chainsaw gloves.
  • hold your front arm straight in the locked position
  • operate the chainsaw with a side-to-side sweeping action.
  • make sure your chain brake is operational.
  • ensure you are have wearing eye protection such as safety glasses or a face guard helmet. You can even do yourself a real favor and wear safety chaps too. 

The key goal of this process is to avoid a nasty kick back action so don't do anything stupid with your chainsaw. 

By understanding the environment you're working in, you'll have a safer work zone. 

And while we've got you here, remember that good chainsaw maintenance is essential to good safety outcomes. Having a properly oiled bar and a well-sharpened chain will help reduce the chance of accidents. 

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